Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ official renders leaked..... - Gadgetbits

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ official renders leaked.....

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By now, we already know almost everything there is to know about the Galaxy S10 lineup. They are beautiful, powerful, expensive yet desirable for the most part. For today, we have the full leaked renders of both the smartphones, along with their color options on offer. These are, after all, Samsung’s soon to be the latest and greatest smartphone lineup of 2019. That is until the Note 10 comes along or we see a drastic change in Samsung smartphone launch strategy.

Starting off with the alleged official marketing pics of both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the S10+. These renders are the courtesy of a reliable tipster, named Roland Quandt, you can check out his twitter account here. The new renders do not show a whole lot of new things about the smartphones, but they do put a bit more weight to past design leaks. Besides a panning of the phone’s front and the back, we have quite a few renders for you to check out below, along with two new color options on offer.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Design renders:

The Galaxy S10+ does look awfully similar to the regular sized Galaxy S10. The only difference we can see from the renders is the slightly larger camera cutout at the front. That is probably for the dual front-facing camera setup. Rest of the setup including the triple camera setup, Bixby button, and the color options remain more or less the same. Sadly, no renders for the smaller S10 Lite have been revealed yet. You can check out the size difference between both these smartphones above.

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